Our Dapper Story

PAC Bruschetta-6


Once upon a time there was an old canner and a farm …

IMG_20160211_185629_333For generations, our mothers took pride in their time-tested methods used to naturally preserve fresh farm-to-table foods. Now Dapper Swan draws on these traditions to create authentic artisan products with uncompromising quality and flavor.

Founded in 2012, Dapper Swan is a family-owned and operated company located in Skagit Valley – a rich and fertile farming community that is uniquely positioned in Washington State between the San Juan Islands and the Cascade Mountains.

A lot has changed!


Today Dapper Swan offers more than thirty gourmet chutney flavors and a delightful pickled blueberry product. Each are a perfect compliment for all kinds of cuisine from around the world.

20160713_180302Dapper Swan products are high quality, natural and artisan made. They are gluten free, vegan and clean label with no preservatives, artificial colors or additives. Each product is carefully crafted from responsibly grown and organic ingredients supplied by local farms whenever possible.

IMG_20160215_160440_813Named for the regal Trumpeter Swans that grace our area, Dapper Swan products are a gourmet easy way to embellish entrées, appetizers, salads and desserts from   backyard barbeque to black tie affair.


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Simply Gourmet. Simply Chutney.